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Pharmaceutical Industry

Medically trained with pharmaceutical industry, Bill Chegwidden has - over the past 30 years - translated documents for all of today’s leading pharmaceutical companies:
  • Detail Aids
  • Marketing strategy plans
  • Advertisements
  • Medical and Scientific Journal Reprints
  • Sales Rep and Management Training Programs
  • Clinical trial protocols
  • Drug Safety Monitoring Reports
  • Market Research Toplines and Full Reports
And has participated in sales representative auditing in France and abroad.

Automotive Industry

Le Mans and the 24 hours oblige, Cheg Traductions have translated and interpreted for leading automotive manufacturers and racing teams.
  • Technical specifications
  • Warranty certificates
  • Factory visits
  • Materials related to the 24 Hours
  • Interpreting for race teams
  • Press releases

High Tech and Luxury Industries

  • Marketing reports
  • Advertisement appraisals
  • Board meetings
  • Investor relations
  • Focus groups
  • Websites
  • Human Resource Reviews
  • Store audits
  • Technical specifications
  • User manuals

B2B and Legal translations

Technical documents and as part of our court activity, we regularly translate:
  • Government documents
  • Business contracts
  • Labor contracts
  • Real Estate pre-sale and sale agreements
  • Management board minutes
  • Yearly auditing documents etc.