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Cost is certainly important and a high price is not synonymous with high quality, but making price your only criterion for choosing a translator leaves you open to catastrophic consequences and even higher costs in the long run. Click here for an online price quote.

When no attention was paid to quality, Germany paid a high price.
After the second world war, a mistranslation of the English word ‘corn’ from the German ‘Korn’ (all kinds of cereals) resulted in the unwanted delivery to and payment by Germans of tons of American corn, a staple that they were un accustomed to eating. Korn in German was a commodity only fed to pigs.
Is your document, real estate agreement, or market research worth the risk of your paying for an undesired outcome?
Your materials are even more important and you should not expose yourself to risks or even court disputes. The money that you are spending buying a home, conducting research or advertising must be spent wisely and not wasted on fixing a translation mistake.

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