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Cheg Traductions

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Cheg Traductions has been serving the business community for more than 30 years. After 8 years in the French pharmaceutical industry, I founded Cheg Traductions based on the premise that the corporate world needed not only understandable translations but also quality language work written or spoken in standard and proper industry English, French, German, etc... This strategy has proven to be effective as Cheg Traductions has become a leading player in the pharmaceutical, luxury, technology, and automotive industries.

Thanks to our constant efforts to offer quality language work and our expertise in the French medical/pharmaceutical industry, we work directly with some of the world’s largest players on the pharmaceutical market. Cheg Traductions has worked for or is listed as an approved service provider and consultant with the following corporations: Merck & Co. Inc since 1987 (US Headquarters and French subsidiary), former Pharmacia since 1988 (France), Pfizer since 1994 (US and France), Smith and Nephew since 1996 (France), Janssen Cilag since 2005 (France).

We also work regularly with the following corporations or organizations in and outside the pharmaceutical industry, which do not have approved vendor programs: the CPAM (French National Health Insurance), the City of Le Mans, Hormeta Cosmetics, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, and BMS. Renault- CLAAS, Auto Chassis International, Pescarolo Sport, Siemens, ACO, Chrysler Viper, Suzuki Sport.

We have also been awarded projects on several occasions for IBM, France, Compaq, Picturetel, HP, and Microsoft.

Our work entails both translating and interpreting in addition to journalism assignments. As translators or journalists, we translate or write articles (ASCO congress coverage 2005- 2012), training programs, press packs, marketing reports, etc... As interpreters, we perform simultaneous interpreting for conferences, market research focus groups and depth interviews Our translators are well versed in the topics that they interpret. Our market research interpreters carry out 5 to 7 projects a week.

So have a look around, get to know us better, get in touch and tell us what you think.