Block statue of the Chief of physicians of Upper and Lower Egypt Pa’an-meniu, son of Nes-Ptah, begotten through Mehit-en-wawa.

Statue representing the Chief of physicians sitting on a cushion, the body entirely enveloped with a cloak from which flattened hands emerge ; a hieroglyphic column giving the name. The front of the monument is incised with columns of texts mentioning the dignitary and a scene representing Horakhty followed by a goddess, facing a other leonine-headed goddess.

The right side is engraved with Amun, Mut and Khonsu, and the left side with Ptah, Sekhmet and Nefertum ; the back with six hieroglyphic lines (formula to Osiris and Harsiesis) and procession of Osiris, Horus and Isis.

The base is engraved with a formula invoking Osiris, for the benefit of Pa’an-meniu.


Modern head, small chips and wear of the surface.

Egypt, Dynasty 22.

41,7 cm high (16,4 in. high).

Published :

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Notes :

The Chief of physicians of Upper and Lower Egypt Pa’an-meniu (trans. « Beauty has landed »), son of Nes-Ptah and Mehit-en-wawa, is know by another block statue of the J. B. Barrois collection (Hôtel Drouot, March 12-13 1862, No. 1.

Block statues, which appeared in shrines during the Middle Kingdom, became very widespread during the New Kingdom and later periods. Their success stems from their massive form making them resistant to all manner of damage, but also to their ability to receive texts and representations on the block part, covered by a plinth. A means of ensuring food in the afterlife for private individuals, they were placed in the courtyards of temples, close to the divinity, in order to take advantage of the daily offerings left on the divine altar.

60 000 / 90 000 €

Block statue of the Chief of physicians of Upper and Lower Egypt Pa’an-meniu, son of Nes-Ptah

Ancient collection Édouard des Courrières (1896-1987), Tanger, acquired prior 1956.

Christie’s, London, 25 October 2006, n° 206.

Private collection.

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