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-- Pencil portraits --


A pencil portrait is a beautiful and precise  recollection of your horse : black pencil and coloured pencils can be used together.

Single horse or montage : I need aroud two weeks to make it and I will send you sketches until you are agree.

Horse in a box

Image cheval

Bold Eagle

29,7x42 cm / Pencils and Ink

Artist collection

Static horse or pony. White or coloured paper

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Wayland Red Pepper, New Forest pony

21x29,7 / coloured pencils

private collection

Head study

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Marquis Cahr

21x27 / pencils

Artist collection

Many subjects in gallop (horse and geometry) White or couloured paper

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Sang pur sang, mètre étalon, study

21x29 cm / pencils and Ink

Artist collection