Our values

Customers satisfaction is our key value.


ARKARYS is delivering very professional services, of a high technical quality level; if needed, it collects with its partners the skills which it does not have by itself; it is result-oriented.


ARKARYS is featuring a high availability, a high swiftness in execution, and much reactivity / flexibility / adaptability to customers needs.


ARKARYS is strictly abiding by the confidentiality obligations it is committing to in all the cases it is dealing with.


ARKARYS has decided to behave in an upright way, and in particular to always tell its customers the truth, even if the latter is hard to hear, and, within the framework of cases working out, makes always customers interest prevail over its own interest; its faithfulness and loyalty vis-à-vis its customers, in particular vis-à-vis its customers shareholders, is total.


ARKARYS is keen on preserving its independance in all circomstances, and avoids any situation in which it could become judge in its own case. 


Postal address: 6, rue d'Ankara, 75016 Paris (France)


Tel.: + 33 6 76 09 11 32


Fax: + 33 1 73 76 64 43


E-mail address: rias.jean@orange.fr