Company valuation

ARKARYS has developped real skills for the valuation of the market price of a company.

For that, it has developped over years an elaborate company financial appraisal method which includes 3 steps.


First step consists in carrying out a diagnosis of the company, in analysing its past performances and its current situation, in analysing its market, in assessing the risks and opportunities linked to the company, in drawing up a reasonably cautious multi-year business plan, finally in reprocessing as the case may be company P&L and/or balance sheet.


Second step consists in selecting the technical company valuation methods to be used, and to compute company value for each of these methods.


Third step consists in defining the weighting mix of these methods in order to obtain an average weighted value for the company; then, a values bracket is defined for the company, the central point of which being the average weighted value.


Following company valuation, ARKARYS hands over to its customer an elaborate computation file, which includes a number of arguments enabling to defend the obtained market price.  





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