Assistance in company sale

We are assisting:


- SME owners who intend to sell their business in order to retire and/or focus on another project,


- industrial groups which intend to sell a subsidiary which is no longer part of their core business,


- private equity firms which intend to sell a company in which they had invested.


We deal with cases which are ranging from limited enterprise values to enterprise values in excess of 15 M€.


We are dealing with the case from A to Z, turning if necessary to the specific skills of partners whom we pilot and coordinate.


On a case, the different generic steps of our intervention are the following:


step 1: company preparation to its sale (optional):

we carry out company diagnosis, then we suggest an action plan meant for improving company situation according to the case in a cosmetic way or in depth, in order to maximize company market value.


step 2: valuation of company market value:

a right valuation of company market value is key for sale process success; following this valuation, we set with the seller the price with which the company will be presented on the market.


step 3: drawing up information memorandum and teaser:

quality of these documents is key for sale process success.


step 4: search for potential buyers:

we set with the seller the search strategy for potential buyers; search may include if necessary direct approaches, and may as well include if necessary indirect approaches (for instance: a communication to the market through putting an ad on a specialized website); we take care of the rignt validation of the profile of the potential buyers who have expressed a first interest in the case; during the whole search period, we see to it that confidentiality is strictly managed.


step 5: negotiations:

we assist the seller in the first talks with the potential buyers interested in the case; we obtain letters of intent, managing to organize a competition between candidates in order to push up the bidding; we assist the seller in the negotiation(s) of the pre-selected letter(s) of intent, until counter-signature by the seller of a letter of intent.


step 6: contractualization:

we assist the seller and his(her) lawyer in the negotiation of the legal documents (preliminary sale agreement, assets and liabilities guarantee agreement, sale agreement, as the case may be shareholders agreement), and we monitor the realization of the suspensive conditions, and this until sale closing.


The hereabobe mentioned generic methodology may be adapted according to seller's particular needs.


ARKARYS intervention gives rise to the previous signature with the seller of a detailed intervention contract.



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