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Know-how and experience acquired during long years allow DM Radiocom to act as a radio transmission specialist in areas like mobile robotics, telemetry or also remote-control applications.


During all these years, DM Radiocom has known designing and adapting its radio communication systems to harsh environments.


DM Radiocom is present in a wide range of applications like :

  • Mobile robotics teleoperation for interventions in radioactive environments
  • Telemetry transmission from severe environments like fenestron of an helicopter, where transmitter is mounted on the tail rotor
  • Radio flight termination control system for missile
  • Radio managed minefield imitation for soldier training, embedding radio transmitters in very small packages
  • Vehicle outdoor remote-control, using real time video and telemetry transmissions.


Quality step adopted lets DM Radiocom supply prestigious customers, providing them reliable products designed in compliance with their needs.