A Vineyard in Harmony ...


A Vineyard in Harmony with the Environment: A Sustainable Balance! Our vineyard is located on the slopes of the Cote des Bar "where we let the terroir speak with Black and Pinot Chardonnay. Our commitment to the Vineyard Development Group and our openness to alternative cultivation techniques are consistent with our philosophy: balanced solutions for a sustainable viticulture! Thus, tillage, Pruned the control, the plant cover in winter ... are integrated into our practices. In fact, our choices are designed to optimize the environmental impact while remaining uncompromising on the quality of your champagne. The search for compromise is an ideal permanent questioning naturally motivated to your satisfaction.

From Grape to Your Flute :


The Creation of our Champagnes!

After the manual grape harvest and a respectful pressing, is born the clear wines. In spring, these various tanks and the wines of reserves offer a varied pallet. It is after a tasting which we validate this moment of creation which is the “magic” of the Assembly. Pulling, the catch of foam, Ageing, Moving, Discharging and the Preparing are the object of all our attentions. Several years thus separate harvest from the grape and the semi-sparkling bubbles of your Champagne flutes divided with your table: Time and patience are guaranteeing of your pleasure.