L'agence d'architecture

Philippe Diani creates his agency of architecture in 1984. He constitutes teams with whom he insufflates a full vision of architecture.

Architecture, interior design and even the conception of objects are never dissociated and form a one and only process of design.

All the scales are treated and superimpose each other in order to give a finished object.

Our possibilities of intervention extend up to urban design.

We work in various countries like China, Egypt, Russia, Japan and of course Europe and Switzerland.

This diversity enables us to mix the cultures which we meet with ours. Thus the difference becomes a creative drive.

Our customers are American, English, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and many others nationalities.

They are administrations, companies or private individuals, for whom we design furniture, interiors and construct buildings.

Châlet de montagne

This construction is a very technical ecological construction of 300 m ² on two levels.

The framework and the fillings are out of wood as well as the lay-out of the interior.

That marks the result of a construction research between modernity and classicism.

Traditional image of the ”chalet” as it has always been and in background adapted to the constraints of sustainable energies. The image is modified although immediately identifiable.

great glazed parts in the south, wall to store solar heat, reinforced insulation, Windows with triple glazing, solar collectors in addition to several other sources of heating.

This ”chalet” is decorated mainly with Scandinavian antiquities of design of the Sixties.

Galerie d'art

Today our agency treats with an equal success programs of Design of decoration and architecture in each hemisphere.

We treat the programs of residences, offices and trade shops.

Our illustration is an art gallery in Shanghai. A well-known place of the professionals and amateurs. It is a group of factories reallocated into a place dedicated to Art There is an haute couture showroom, an art gallery and a space dedicated to fashion shows. This gallery extends on 1000 m².