They form the essential basis for a successful transformation.

ENERGY MIX Business Consulting Network has developed a global approach to succeed in these market and comapny transformations. Example of services :


Strategic Consulting
  • Strategic analyses of business and economic models
  • Identification of transformation and change factors, key success factors, 
        impact assessment
  • Strategy, Policy and project evaluations
  • Definition of transformation programmes; cost, benefit, risks analysis
  • Industrial policy, outsourcing and subcontracting
  • Strategic marketing & communication, dissemination
  • Project evaluation
  • Impacts assesment analyzes


Organisation, Management & Culture

  • Support for strategic changes (merge, partnership, transforming into a
        subsidiary, partition, etc.) and impacts on the value chain, processes and
  • Alignment of the organisation and information system with the strategy
  • Optimisation of processes, structures, responsibilities and delegations (total
        quality, 6Sigma…)
  • Governance and management process implementation
  • BSC analysis (Balance ScoreCard)Coaching and culture change
        management : process driven approach
  • Process re-engineering
  • Shared-services centres, service level agreement, service level management
  • Implementation of dashboards, monitoring by risk and margin;
  • Supply Chain management and improvement



  • Diagnostic and information system strategy
  • SI governance, management of port-folio of projects
  • Cost, benefit, risk analysis
  • Requirements analysis, call for tender elaboration
  • Analysis of offers, and selection of suppliers
  • Setting up of project organisation, support for the project launch,
        communication, user training
  • Project management
  • Global Services and service level management (ITIL method)


Change Management - Coaching - Training - HR  

  • Change management strategy ; trajectory and target definition 
  • Planning and Risks related to the global change impacts
  • Governance of Change an key success factors
  • Diagnostic of key skills, gap analysis
  • Value creation, innovation process
  • Human resources management and organisation
  • Alignment of skills and knowledge with the strategy of the company and the
        new process
  • Expertise and knowledge management
  • Cmmunication and dsseination strategy ; Image, communication and
        media/support plan, video films
  • Dedicated Coaching (General Management - Management - Opérationnal)
  • Dedicated Training (General Management - Management - Opérationnal)
  • Plan and support of internal and external communication


Process and coordination / Program Management
  • Process driven management
  • Defining and structuring programmes & International consortium
  • Management of programmes (MSP method)
  • Management of the customer-supplier relationship (ISPL method)
  • Quality assurance, quality plan
  • Support for starting up, test, installation plan
  • Plan and support of internal and external communication
  • Risk management


FINANCES, Internal Control

  • COMEX Dashboards (BSC)
  • Performance Management Dashboards
  • Financial Master Plan
  • Fast Closing
  • Risk management
  • Finance Program Management (MSP method)



  • Strategic and operationnal Marketing
  • Analyze of the adéquation between the  market/services/products/channels 
  • Sales development strategy
  • Large Account Management 
  • Consultative Selling
  • Stratégic Account Plan
  • Distribution strategy and channels
  • Sales force training 
  • Coaching – Mix Management



Strategic Dashboards measure progress towards strategic objectives; they help align the organization to strategy in ways that static mission statements cannot. An executive level dashboard might reflect enterprise-wide strategic goals and corresponding key performance indicators or KPIs. A good security model will support enterprise-wide strategic dashboards that "cascade" down to the department level with gradually more restrictive views of data, while retaining alignment to corporate objectives.
Energy Mix Consulting Network use Strategic dashboards based on the Balanced Scorecard methodology a widely adopted method for determining and achieving strategic and organizational goals in energy companies. Organizations using this approach are significantly more successful in achieving their goals.Before looking at any underlying technology or specific solutions, a basic understanding of the types of dashboard and what sorts of things they measure will provide a foundation for any dashboard project. Dashboards fall into three well-established categories: strategic dashboards for organizational alignment,
tactical dashboards for measuring progress in projects or initiative and operational dashboards for monitoring specific business activities.